the facts of PETG overlaid plywood 

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PETG film is a composite material, with Good sliding performance,excellent wear resistance and high adhesion, Like acrylic, the material itself is onlycomposed of three elements, C, H, and O. It is very similar to PVC inappearance, but it can be quickly distinguished as long as the two are ignited:PVC contains chlorine. It will produce a pungent odor, and PETG will not release toxic gases when it burns. It is a safe and environmentally friendly material. Among them, the bottles of mineral water, plastic wrap, and edible oil packaging that we often drink all use PETG materials. 

PETG overlaid OSB


Due to its native properties, wood panels will appear "aging"in appearance over time. Is there any product that can withstand the years?PETG cabinet door panels can solve this pain point very well. The mystery mainly comes from PETG film, also known as high temperature resistant polyester film. It has excellent physical properties, chemical properties, dimensional stability, transparency, and recyclability. PETG film will not turn yellow and oily like PVC material for a long time. It performs very well and is a very cost-effective product. And the surface of the PETG door panel is treated with anti-fingerprint, which can dilute and decompose the visibility of fingerprint grease, and play the role of anti-fingerprint, which is very friendly to daily cleaning.

PETG film PETG overlaid panel


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