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    We stepped into the line of plywood from 2003, reliable, self-motivated, and good at quality control is the reason for our success.

    We're regular supplier of Sumitomo Forestry and JGH group, we're also a wood products suppliers of UN assistance projects, These years we have been serving thousands clients from the world.

    Now our cabinet used plywood,and decor products get a well accept by our dear clients, with the valuable supports,we will go firmer and further, now we are moving on......

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    melamine plywood from Huitianwood

    Melamine Faced Plywood is a plywood laminated with melamine paper. Melamine paper is paper impregnated with melamine glue. With properties like acid & alkali resistant, heat resistant, durable, beautiful, and easy to clean, melamine plywood is the perfect choice for commercial and residential furniture, interior decoration, and wood flooring. With hundreds of grains and colors, the customer can always pick something different.

    Melamine faced plywood, special for cabinets, wardrobe,closet,etc...

    Grooved wall panels from Huitianwood

    Grooved Plywood is one kind of Commercial plywood with groove lining. Groove lining is a high-quality panel designed to give a traditional tongue and groove timber-lining look. It is at home in any interior design, from elaborate period homes to the most modern interiors.


    UV coated Birch plywood from huitianwood

    UV plywood is a prefinished hardwood plywood panel featuring a clear, durable topcoat, which will add toughness, resisting scrapes, chips, and the effects of solvent wipe down to the plywood.

    film faced marine plywood from Huitianwood

    Film faced plywood is also called formwork plywood, shuttering plywoods, concrete form.

    it is special plywood with two sides coated with a wearable and waterproof film. The film is adhesive impregnated paper, which is different from melamine paper overlay, PVC, MDO, and HDO. The function of the film is to protect the inside wood from moisture, water, weather, and extend the plywood’s service life. Film faced plywood can be used in the harsh and outside environment: shuttering plywood, formwork plywood, concrete formwork, floorboard, vehicle building. column formwork.

    Slip-Resistant Film Faced Plywood

    Slip-Resistant Film Faced Plywood is made in a similar fashion to regular smooth phenolic film faced panels with the additional process of applying a patterned, metallic press to the face to create the appropriate design.

    The resulting product provides underfoot traction that is ideal for the floors of commercial vehicles and walkways

    Slip-Resistant Film Faced Plywood
    What is SPC Flooring?
    SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring is also called Rigid Core Click Vinyl Flooring. SPC Click Flooring is and upgrade and improvement of regular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).  The main contents of SPC Rigid Flooring are natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer, giving it incredible strength, rigidity and waterproof properties.
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